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Katalehkhor cave

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This cave is 7 km from the city Garmab and near the city Khodabande and 80 kilometers south of Kedar, 165 kilometers Zanjan, 173 kilometers north of Hamadan, 410 kilometers from Tehran.

Katalehkhor was based on a variety of meanings, such as the sun hill, the village obtained without the sun and so that the most appropriate means an application that Turkish mass means the cave topography and roughness is convenient and appropriate means to generally means highs and lows is comfortable and cozy.

Katale Khor, a limestone cave in some parts of the bole and visible iron oxide-rich soils. The cave is nearly as old age cave in Hamedan.

The interesting thing about this is Katale Khor and survey evidence indicate that the cave eventually connects to cave in Hamedan.

Another cave of wonders and beauties of the large number of classes that such caves in the world are very rare. It is thought that the cave has 7 floors, which of course it has been discovered so far only 3 floors.

This cave is the third part of the cultural, recreational and sporting divided. Sports section used by cavers and climbers is about 4 km and still have not found the end of it.

Touring the cave that is used for the public is about 2 km straight line. The cultural section of the cave is located in the southern part of the corridor is the main part of nature that is used to hold various ceremonies. There is no way to exit out of the halls and corridors, but its output to artificially carved entirely natural.

According to scientific theories and geological maps Katalehkhor cave in the mountains Saqyzlv in oligomiocene limestone geology of the Third Age can be developed and approximately 30 million years old.