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Badab springs Surat

Imagine the color orange cliffs that layered Zanin field after walking up and water was leaking from their rock crystals, facing the Grdvnyn, behind your head and bit the other side of the earth Green mirror more layered, layered yellow.
Similarly, only in a place like Turkey, America and New Zealand there, but you get to see enough just go to Surrey.
Surat Badab’s two fountains of water that each color, odor and taste their numbers. Salty and sweet and sour one another!
Salt Springs Badab Surat small blue pool for swimming in summer, usually you’re used to treat low back pain, foot, rheumatism, migraines and diseases, but other sources Badab Surat is located near the spring, with yellow water orange color that was leaking from the rocks, iron oxide from the bottom of the rocks brought to earth.