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One type of entertainment, informative and useful local Fars province cheesy games that nomenclature is different in every city and village, with differences according to each region is carried out according to age and sex are different.

What color is the sky is also one of the games that the game between adolescents and young people of Fars province Caused a lot of joy and happiness between them, and it is also a sport.

Other games arcade stick or twig game that is common among the tribes of Fars province along with the music.

Zng·h wine (Shiraz)

Atlmtl Tvtvlhe (kazaroon)

Angvrbazy (Abade)

Benedek Sergo (Shiraz kazaroon)

Our bathroom had ants (Abade)

Darbazy (LARESTAN)

Soksokona (mamasani)

Shanbe yekshanbe (Shiraz)

Tagh or joft (Abade)

Amoo zanjirbaf (kazaroon)

Gol az tote (Neyriz)


Another popular pastime not only in the province but also teenagers and young adults, women and men are engaged to be boobs.
Two people are willing to boobs are facing each one of them begins boobs and start reading bits of poetry of Hafiz, Saadi or else the poet.
He should also read a poem in response opposite side of the (first letter) the first word poetry (the last word) Read one poem that is the last word. For example, the first one reads:
Rendane not fault a clean ascetic nature
Others wrote that sin not unto thee
And second, for example, replies:
If thou hast no sympathy for the troubles of others
Nshayd put your name man
Boobs can be made between a larger number. The difference is that people will read the first poem and a poem at his side, he replies, then turns to the third and so on until the last person to answer his poetry to be win the one who continues boobs.