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Ms. mosque

The mosque and school, including religious and historical monuments in the old quarter of the city known as the lofty al Zanjanh located in the city’s historic fabric. The building was built by Professor Ismail and the order of affluent women in the late Qajar made. Mosque and school she could have had a unique and special place among the monuments left behind in Iran, in terms of architecture and decorating methods and techniques to best express the architecture of the period Qajarh. There minarets thick and short over the beautiful entrance is decorated with exquisite brick  and comparable to the minarets school, generals Thranh and decorating busy most of the doorway as well as the upper chamber overlooking the Myansra with a withdrawal of views with the pointed arch, created arches Mzynh, geometric motifs, flowers and plants commonly used in the Qajar era, the colors yellow, orange, black and pink painted.