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Dekhan Inn

Dekhan Inn Qajarh period and in Zanjan, located south of the old city and the effect on 7 Persian date Mehr 1381 with registration number 6169 was registered as a national heritage of Iran. The inn is located just 150 m from the eastern gate of the market, from the north to the street coppersmiths and from the West to the South Saadi Street would be limited.Building this house by a man named Haji Ali Quli building, built, and the current owner of the heirs of Haj seyed Mahdeyon.The inn for two iwan with a porch in the four cardinal directions based and different parts of it, inputs four of the gates of the northern, southern and western, northern corridor, balcony northern corridor, a courtyard, covering the Vabrvhay and bazaar the building’s western parts of the city.