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Shah Shuja historic home (home Rashtian, Traditional Hotel Yazd)

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Old house, located in the heart of the historical context and the traditional market Yazd Yazd adjacent to Amyrchqmaq collection, which has been Rashtian times that were a prominent family resort. The house construction end date of the inscription on the house in 1212 AH, the architecture is very beautiful and eye-catching. 3 large and small yard, 4 inputs in different directions, Payabhay aqueducts, underground, cool and quiet, high wind towers and pleasant rooms are all evidence of its antiquity and authenticity of the house is one of the oldest buildings in Yazd created the world’s largest mud brick the house was built in the era of Atabegs of Yazd (486 years old) house built and attributed to al-Muzaffar Shah Shuja, the founder of the dynasty, the house has a sunken courtyard. in the Zoroastrians of Yazd is located in the neighborhood and to places such as temples Amir Chakhmaq Square and the Grand Mosque is walkable.