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Pigeon tower in meybood




Pigeon tower gets in Yazd province is located in the city gets this tower is a marvel of Persian architecture and art enthusiasts across the world to attract. Pigeon tower dating back to the Qajar era gets returned

Pigeon tower in Southeast ,meybood old fort (where the governor meybood) is located outside the building for circular tower decorated with special roles and the inside has three floors and equipped to attract and keep thousands of migratory birds nest.

Pigeon tower in terms of supporting the helpless birds, and to the use of fertilizers to farmers, which in the past were remarkable.

The cylindrical tower is built and decorated with brick and plaster Qtarbndy that is impeding the movement of snakes into the tower. But in cubic towers and multiple other tricks like creating into the arc is done. The tower has been cubbyhole 4000. When the pigeons suddenly feel threatened that it would come flying in vibration inside the tower and to fix the problem, in addition to building a tower in the middle class, have created arches between external and internal cylindrical tower length declined to provide the structural strength of the vibration is prevented.

Plaster strips around the walls, traps snake charmers, congress dome and arch moldings, special packaging and other features of the tower loft meybood     .

Making loft, one of the great experiences of traditional agriculture in the province Yazd and Isfahan and Yazd are the two loft meybood. Before the introduction of chemical fertilizers farmers in bird droppings desert Yazd and Isfahan to increase productivity of the soil used for the purpose of building the loft was called, built around the villages.

Body loft tower with dimensions of 30 × 20 cm made of holes that each nest pigeons. 4 towers and a central tower on the roof in order to enter and exit the pigeon and a sharp color display Mogharnas attract birds.

Number of the monument on 10 Persian date Azar 1364 to 1691 in the national index has been registered.