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Monarjonban Khranq

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Khranq vacillatory minaret is located in Ardakan city Khranq, Mnarjnbany made during the Seljuk and much older than the Monarjonban Isfahan.
The minaret has three floors and is set on the north side of the Grand Mosque dating back to the mosque Khranq more. This Monarjonban in its upper part has a wooden structure that is tilted by an earthquake, wind, and people have fear of falling down cut it. The minaret is clearly visible wobble, one wonders. The minaret is a spiral staircase which contains two rows of stairs to sweep and the like in one of the minarets of the Mosque of Yazd is employed. The width of the stairs in the bottom 60 to 70 cm and the upper 40 to 50 cm.