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Larry house


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yazd_navab_vakilHome Building trucks belonging to the Qajar era and like most houses in Yazd, central courtyard and belongs to the Qajar era and it is now not residential. Larry’s house and the building belonging to the Qajar era is windy. The house has six of the desert where appropriate homes. The house has an area of 1700 meters, 1200 meters is infrastructure. The bulk of the underground.

The house has two courtyards inside and outside, and three-door rooms. The house owner occupation due to both the inside and outside, and the interior and exterior for incest has been reserved for guests.

In the House of Lords for entertainment and amusement art space created and decorated it with plaster of fullness or mirror work has been done. Mirror work and paintings of doors, windows, sash windows and the rooms are very nice and upscale as the home of the thirteenth century. Mirror work related to the year 1286 AH.

The House of Lords around a central courtyard populated parts of four seasons there. The northern part of the winter, in the summer of the southern part of the eastern part of the West in the fall and in the spring was used. The hall and windy summer, the fall of the mirror room, kitchen, basement and other spaces and spring, including the terrace.