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Home Mahmoudi

Home Mahmoudi (Arabs Bahrain) is part of a large set of interconnected houses, called “Arabs collection”, which is in the neighborhood “Fahadan” is the ancient city of Yazd. The house is in the middle of Ghajar and belongs to the clan of businessmen, known as the “Arabs of Bahrain” was. The development and prosperity of the tribe of the development of this complex work was enormous. However, the scope and family spread over a century after construction of the first house has been made. Since then, the beginning heritage and the separation of parts of the entire range is now in the hands of its original owners. The house is beautiful and valuable they called home Mahmoudi, the Dard.mmary The building is owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization affected by hot and dry desert climate. Mainly indigenous and traditional materials used in the building and consists of clay, mud, brick, stone, straw, plaster, wood and mechanism. This effect on 24 Persian date Bahman 1375 with registration number 1842 as one of Iran’s National Heritage have already been registered.