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Cellar Zoroastrians ( Tower of Silence )


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15 km southeast of Yazd and Safaieh around the region, on top of sedimentary and low-lying mountain called Mount cellar, two circular stone tower-like building with a hollow space which is well known in the cellar or Zoroastrian court. One older Mankjy name Hatrya (of Indian Zoroastrians) and another that is newer to the famous Golestan name that is related to the Qajar period. Golestan cellar wall height is 25 meters in diameter and 6 meters above the hill. Mankjy cellar 15 meters in diameter.
On the north side of the mountain range as well as a number of building mud brick, brick, stone or a combination of all three, with amenities that time “known as Khylh” can be seen. The oldest works in this area, Khylh and west side chambers that belong to the Safavid era.

The cellar is where Zoroastrians from long ago, about forty years ago, their dead in accordance with the principles, culture and traditions of their religion during a special ceremony at the Mynhadnd to be prey to vultures surrounding mountains. There is empty space in the middle of the cellar well as the “ossuary” is known and bones, the remains of bodies poured into it.
Later, during a special ceremony, cleaners and disinfectants were allowed inside the crypt and the crypt was used again. In fact, the area inside the crypt like cemetery that was used several times.

After the “maneckji limji hataria” known as “Mankjy owner” as representative of the “Association of Zoroastrians in Iran improvement status” about 140 years ago to improve the social and religious Bombay Zoroastrian Persians came to Iran, some of the cellar repair and modernization and new dungeons have been made which were used for some time. Later, from mid-1310 in Tehran, Kerman and Yazd from 1340 decade of the 1320s after becoming the crypt was the tomb was completely forgotten.