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Amir chakhmaq square

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Amir chakhmaq fields, the ancient field. In the ninth century AD, the “Amir Jalal al-Shami” Yazd -Hakm the “Timurid Shahrukh” – and his wife – “Mrs. F. suttee” – “New Mosque” in ten or dormitory, “Lower Dahuk” built before threw it wide square. Coming to the mosque, “mosque, Amir chakhmaq” and the square of the same time, “Amir Chakhmaq Square” became famous. In addition to its creators the mosque, around, structures and buildings such as hospice, caravanserai, baths, water storage, Pastry house, market, cold water and … has also built wells. The square before the “Imperial side” like some other fields and cemeteries were also part of the people for its auspiciousness religious site, your dead have been buried there. From the beginning of this century to prevent and graves are destroyed and replaced again

But it sublime thoughts and good field with which it had made to date on the facade and surrounding structures in some places have changed, but are still one of the most prominent and most spectacular Amir chakhmaq fields in Yazd