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Alexander prison(Zeyaeih school)





Alexander prison or Zeyaeih school, one of the monuments of the city of Yazd in the year 631 AH by Sharaf al-Din Rumi Ali Razi was built in the year 705 AH and was completed by his son Ziauddin Hussein.

The building can be a part of a well with a diameter of about 2 meters in the middle of the school yard which has a depth of about 5 meters leads to the basement, the basement floor of the old pond that remains of the original building, including works building .

Zeyaeih school can be characteristic of Mughal architecture considered. In this building there is not any decorative tile work and only left traces of mud brick that the building has been kept up.

It’s up to the dome, which was built of mud brick, stucco and decorated with watercolor painting golden and blue makeup that is currently on the moldings parts of it remain. The length of each side of the four walls of the dome 8. 8 m, height of 18 meters and the distance between the mouth of the tomb of the ninth. 5 meters. Unfortunately the inscriptions of the four walls inside the dome there is little effect.

The building is raised on stories dating back to the time of Alexander the Macedonian attack Iran’s construction of the building that was used as a prison, later repurposed and used as a school.