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Water storage of six windward Yazd

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Among the facilities that are dependent on subterranean water reservoirs to store water in winter and summer use are used. Water storage of six windward in the neighborhood of the same name located in the city of Yazd.

The 2,000 cubic meter water storage and large capacity and two valves or access to tap water, one for Muslims and another for using religious minority Zoroastrianism.
The water storage with a six-tower, three tower was built it from scratch and three other deflector is later attached to it, with a little care in the old tower with wind towers Three other vents is evident. Six water deflector according to climatic conditions and wind direction in this area are in the form of 8-faceted.
Tank height – the height of wind towers – beautiful architecture and materials used wind towers and ornaments Bricklaying entrance to a property of water that has 6 ventilation it is great.
The number of steps the water reservoir 50, the reservoir height of 6/12 meters and 10 meters height wind towers.