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Tugrul tower

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The tower of the remains of the Seljuk period, and in 1310 the number reached 147 registered in the national index.

Tugrul tower with an area of over 48 square meters and a height of about 20 meters and with the skeleton of adobe and brick cylindrical mast glaring in the interior of the cylinder.

The tower clock was like the sun and can then detect the congresses.

In the northern and southern sides of the entrance tower architecture made secret plans and almost as high as 4 feet in diameter tower walls for the balls to the walls about 1.5 meters to 4 meters high and the walls are hollow and middle pelicans designed there are reports no pretentiousness its doors at the same height on the north side of the tower is the interface between the upper and lower parts.

Doors and arches mystery that has endured tremendous pressure and helped build strength and upper walls of hollow clay material used in the tower of egg white alum soil and it adds strength.