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Rashkan Castle

Ray is one of the bastions of the ancient city that was built to protect the city. The castle with stone and mortar structure of the carcass, belonging to the Parthian period.

Rashkan Castle Fakhrabad of was called in the past because Fakhr The building that was destroyed during the Muslim conquest in the hands of Ray, repaired. In this castle, property and armory there was precious. The main part of the castle Rashkan until the Qajar remained, but now most of it has been destroyed. Western fortress walls have holes for the bow and arrow. This place means a lot of war veterans gathered at the National Museum of Iran is available.

Rashkan Castle ancient area from 1313 to 1315 by an American archaeological mission led by “Eric Schmidt” had been exploring the remains of the mosque appears outcome of this activity is Ray. Archaeological excavations conducted in this area from 1384 to 1386 led to the identification of valuable architectural monuments from the time of the Parthian, Sassanid and Islamic, which indicate that there is a government organ.

Looking exploration and drilling Rashkan Castle, archaeologists last architectural structures “Siavash House” belongs to the Sassanid era found. This historic structure is the structure of stone and mortar castle, after years of accumulated dirt and waste out. According to experts of cultural heritage palace owned by Siavash bin Mehran last ruler of the Sassanid Ray and according to the architectural structure of stone and mortar and in some cases Brick Square Sassanid era, the late Sassanid era during the early centuries Islamic been used. Discover the Sassanid structures in the fort archaeologists speculation that Rashkan Castle belonged to the Islamic era the game. Earlier this Rashkan Castle as the center Buwayhid (Diyalameh) was registered in the list of Iran. According to experts, although this wide area in different historical periods have multiple account but now evidence suggests shielding function of these structures is enormous.

Ray capital of the Parthian kings and important place for the Sassanid kings was spring. Based on the book of ancient Persia about Ray, Tnh “said Ray residence of the kings of Parthia in the spring, and the news must be true, because Ray Arshkyh called and, according to Isidore Charax (Part clause 7) Ray of all the cities of the Medes was bigger. “

Rashkan 2300 year old fortress and the hill near Safaieh Ray Cheshmeh Ali is one of the landmarks of the ancient city of Ray considered.