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Marble Palace

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Marble Palace is one of the historical palaces Tehran that it is building on the orders of Shah Reza Pahlavi and architect Leon Tadvsyan has finally arrived.

The land for the building was originally owned by the Qajar princes and the family of Farman. Dome of the building from the Dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque by Hussein Lorzadeh is tiled. Marble House building was completed in 1316 and in the faculty of architecture and decorative arts such as traditional Mohamad Kazem  Senykhatm, Hossein Taherzade and Behzad participated.

Building area of 2870 square meters and a land area of 35462 square meters built.

Marble Palace is extraordinary architecture. Among the Forum should inlaid seal it, which are unique in its kind. Inlaid Marble Palace’s walls and ceiling to everything from stationery and desk are all inlaid. This forum Mohammad Sani Studs Studs and adorned with a few other prominent industrialists have. Studs are all hexagonal shapes that consist of equilateral triangles, have been made.