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Mansion Masoudieh

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Building the orders to Zill al-Sultan Masud Mirza, son of Shah Qajar Parliament Square was built in Tehran. Building area of 4000 square meters and consists of an outer Masoudieh (Court House) and inner and is Mlhqatmy. In fact, the name of the building derives from the name of Masood Mirza to Masoudieh known as one of Tehran’s sights.

Masoudieh mansion mansion set contains 5 Dyvankhanh, dining, pool house, mansion Seyed Javadi, Moshirolmolk Mansion and Mansion entrance, full of stucco, tiling, calligraphy, graffiti, so that exquisite decorations, spatial divisions and a variety of functions. This historic collection of seven scrolls that two inscriptions at the main entrance, an inscription on the entrance Kalskhrv, two scrolls and two inscriptions in Dyvankhanh mansion also housed in the mansion Moshiriyeh.