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Sa’dabad Complex

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After the coup of 1299 in the new area and the incorporation of different gardens, this place became the summer residence of the first Pahlavi.

House and Kvshkhayy the occasion and diverse needs anywhere in the zone, the distance from the surviving monuments of the Qajar emerged over the years to fourteen large and small palaces, each style and the way the architecture is.

In the first Pahlavi era, across the river Abad garden was imprisoned liquor. Rzaphlvy river water to irrigate the garden captive purchased and secured the second side of the river to the subjects was 12 hours.

Saad Abad palace:

18 Qajar and Pahlavi periods in Saad Abad palace, large and small, that are:

  • Ahmad Shahi Palace (the Basij)
  • Shahvand Palace (Palace of the current Green Museum)
  • White House (House museum of the Nation)
  • Exclusive Palace (now the Museum of Natural History former Presidential Office)
  • House Aswad (Black) current Museum of Fine Arts
  • Shams Palace (Museum of Anthropology)
  • House Ashraf (former porcelain museum)
  • G. House (Building Note 36)
  • Queen Mother’s House (the building of the Republic)
  • AR House (the entity)
  • A. Building (Administration Abad)
  • Gholam Reza Pahlavi, son of Jan House (Center)
  • House Shahram son Ashraf (Military Museum)
  • House Farideh Diba (the entity)
  • Palaces of old and new Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi (Behzad Museum and treasure)
  • F. House and Alireza Mohammad Reza Pahlavi children (museum scribe line Miremad)
  • Leila’s House (museum abkar )

In addition to the palaces and several other old buildings, installations and other facilities such as poultry and cattle salons, Mvzstan and various greenhouses, various pools, springs, fields,tennis and bowling alley,movie thateater and an outdoor amphitheater in the series is 110 hectares .