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the Burnt City

The city was founded in 3200 BC and the city in four periods between 3200 to 1800 BC have been living in it.

Burnt City is one of the wonders of the ancient world civilization. The most important center in the regional capital of the Bronze Age settlement and in fact was.

The total area of ​​about 152 hectares burned in a loaf hills between Lake Helmand River plain and is built with an average height of around 12 meters from ground level and its highest point is 18 meters high.

Burnt Hills city is divided into four zones:

  • The central area of ​​20 hectares
  • East residential area with an area of ​​16 hectares
  • The northeastern section of the city or industrial area burned
  • Southwestern part of the cemetery with an area of ​​over 20 to 25 hectares

Burnt City, the new name and history does not appear. On the basis of existing texts, history of the name dates back almost 150 years ago. Burnt City were burned 2 times, once in the early growth stage and again at the moment of death and destruction.

The city prehistoric period around 3200 BC and founded around 1800 BC have been abandoned. For a period of about 1,400 years, or have been living in this city. This civilization era between 2500 and 2200 BC that the city has a population of about 55,000. In this city two groups of farmers and artisans make up the majority of the military.

The most important architectural monuments discovered in the burned houses, known as the Palace staircase and burned. The construction of a rectangular box made that 5 to 6 and 150 to 160 meters and Infrastructure rooms and houses in sets of 4 or house is the sixth.

The main raw materials used in its regular mud bricks. Roof house is usually smooth and mat for use and room temperature was supplied by a central stove.

The first grave was accidentally discovered in 1972. Clay raw materials used in the building’s graves. 3 types of monuments can be seen at the Burnt City. The most important monuments, simple pit the dead were buried with objects and food.

Another type of conventional pits that had been divided by a wall into two parts. The third type, the graves of the vault, which has been a family grave.

The only issue is the extent of the Burnt City in Iran and the Middle East has become one of the largest ancient cities. But it is surprising findings of archaeologists have been varied. Including:

  • The first brain surgery was performed in 4800 years ago in the Burnt City
  • Residents of burned shoes shoe manufacturing industry had Mykrdhand
  • The oldest anime (animation) and animated image has been found in Burnt City in the animation goat to look at a plant and the plant goes up
  • For the first time in 3000 BC camel is used in Burnt City
  • An ancient wooden ruler with an accuracy of half a millimeter has been found in Burnt City
  • Chess and Backgammon people those days the city burned was used
  • Industrial centers of the city has been burned out of town
  • A number of clay pipes found in Burnt City have probably been used for water supply or sewage disposal
  • Clothing that was found in Burnt City’s absolutely nowhere to be found
  • Industries such as weaving, woodturning, Mrqsazy, Mrmrsazy, pottery, Mhrsazy, weaving and the manufacture of metal tools in Burnt City have become widespread.

Burnt City was the center of many industrial and artistic, interesting and innovative examples of jewelery were obtained.

Archaeologists Find beads and necklaces of lapis lazuli and gold in a grave on the research methods of making laminates and golden filaments, and found the city burned craftsmen with very primitive tools with diameters of less than a millimeter thin already produce first gold plates and preparing them later in the form of cylindrical pipes were discovered and after connecting both sides of each sheet lapis lazuli beads were placed in the middle of it.