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Tahrian home


One of the attractions of the city of Semnan old houses dating back more than 100 years. These monuments are due to trade in Semnan, especially during the Qajar formed where the well-off homes beautiful building that now houses a collection of historic houses city has become a symbol of architecture is the Qajar era. One of the historic houses very nice, the house is TAHERIAN. This historic house on the street martyr Mohammad Ali Mahdavi  A. Rajabi was at a little distance from the house. TAHERIAN house belonging to the Qajar period and refurbished most of it is owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization. The house has a beautiful entrance with a small vestibule and a few steps to the central courtyard that way. The house has two courtyards and the main courtyard and first sub courtyard behind the house and was home at the corners of the kitchen. The beauty of this house can be used for many different spaces arc named.


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