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Tadaion home



Home religiosity that belongs to a reputable dealer and Mohammedia, also known Semnan,Semnan is located in Taleghani Avenue and its construction dates back to the late Qajar period pollen and restoration is still not finished.
The building has a spring house, stay the winter and summer living rooms, stables, kitchen, courtyard and sunken garden architecture is one of Iran’s traditional architectural techniques intercepted. Windward stay long and bulky parts of summer is another unique feature of this building.
The house consists of three sections, outer courtyard, the summer living and the services sector, which is located on the south side of the inner courtyard. The building in the photo Mirza Abdullah Shah, a photographer for Nasir al-Din Shah, who in 1284 would be seen by AH. The images of his journey from Tehran to Mashhad, Nasser al-Din Shah has registered.