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Castle of Saro

10 km northeast of Semnan point is very strong and impregnable mountain fortress called Saro works of two existing buildings and how to choose the location of the building is impressive and worthy of study. The castle is beautiful on both sides of chelated or farm Saro that a spring is located. North Castle over time and the occurrence of natural disasters and sabotage the treasure hunter partly destroyed and deserted, but a sturdy skeleton of the valley has a certain grandeur. South Castle on Castle was built very tall, so strong that one of the most castle defense purported Iranian East. It was a three-storey building of the castle and it seems that the first floor of the beasts and the second floor and third floor condo peasants and their families who live in the temple and the bathroom was Terry and big castle. The interesting aspect in this castle, chelated source Saro apply it to the top of the castle. Eyes water with land clearing which is about a few hundred meters below the castle has reached the top of the castle and used. Each Saro imitation castles, towers built to watch a very interesting and spectacular. Saro history of the original building castles in the course of the day Pishdadian and Kayanids descent, but at different times, as Parthian period and Espahbodan Complex, the castles and their important bases were used.