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Gates Belvedere

One of the most ancient city gates Qazvineh toward Alamut, Rudbar and Qazvin palace and hunting grounds north entrance is open and has a semi-circular arc and Kelyl and two arcades Mostly each side of the aisle made by a softening come out into the open arms of the state bar association. this is only a facade to the outside of the decorations of tiled is and the body of the inside, is simple brick. Ali Reza Khan Azod al-Molk tile work on the monument during the reign of the Qajar done.
Qazvin in the past nine gates to the palace door (in the northeast), Sheikh Abad gate on the street Saadi (in the northwest), Rasht gate, gate or gates Mghlavk Hamadan (in the southwest), Khndqbar gate, gate Savalan, Ray gate, the gate of Tehran, after cotton thread (the current Taleghani Avenue East) that they are the only two remaining gates of the old palace and Tehran