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Bolour Bath (Stone Museum)

Historical Bolour  bath or crystals of the rare buildings remaining from the Safavid period  and qajaryh bathroom with an area of about 1,200 square meters. This is a neighborhood in the old city of Qazvin cleric has called neighborhood .According to form a particular structure and ornamentation used especially in sarbineh paintings and pottery discovered in various parts of the result of the assignment of the late Safavid period Dard.tmam shower bath in basement spaces Vaqh that after passing the entrance to traverse the 13 stairs we enter the bathroom sarbineh . Sarbineh octagonal pond has a diamond-shaped rock which dates back to the Qajar period Grdd.drqsmt of the dome there are four layers of paint on a layer of lime, in addition to the decorations as a result of changes in different periods, decorated Yazdi lime also be seen.