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Alamut Castle



The rise and fall of the power of the Assassins is one of the most extraordinary of the middle ages. The founder of Assassins was an adventurer by the name of Hassan Sabbah also known as old man of the mountains, who was exiled from Persian court and took refuge in the grim tangle of Alburz mountains, which stretch in a great arc around the southern end of Caspian sea. Whilst wandering with his tiny band of retainers in these hospitable mountains, Hassan Sabbah stumbled across the Assassin valley- a huge fertile gash in the very heart of the sierra, which soar upward like jagged ramparts on every side of hidden valley.

Hassan Sabbah took upon himself the title of Sheik el Jebel, or Lord of the Mountains Hassan Sabbah was no ordinary man, and followers to believe that their Sheik was indeed one of the Prophets. who held the gift of immortality for faithful. Even the mention of the name “Hasan-e-Sabbah” could terrorize the Caliphs in Baghdad and Cairo. Alamut Castle was his headquarters impenetrable fortresses but the Assassins had many fearful fortresses along the Alborz Mountains. On this tour you will be visiting Alamut, Lamsar , Samiran, Roodkhan castles and villages on route all setting in the area of outstanding natural beauty.