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White wells mysterious cemetery

White Cemetery wells to “white graveyard” is also known, in the city the city, department head or not, white village wells that are related to the Timurid period and the first Muslim cemetery in Iran.
Sefid Chah village’s name thrown His reputation mysterious cemetery. Bottlenecks in the city, almost no one heard anything from the amazing story of this village is the historic cemetery. Bottleneck people from 50 villages around cloth, are to bear their dead and Sefid Chah  says Allah Akbr to bring them to a place in the cemetery of the village’s hands and feet. They believe that the black soil of the village will not rot their dead bodies.
Cemetery Sefid Chah offer a bigger and bigger day by day and little by little houses and lands rejects to make room for the dead. The cemetery except Sfydrngsh soil, one other difference from other cemeteries in Iran, in the historic part of the cemetery, almost all the monuments standing above the grave of the deceased stand. Each stone is that the notifications panel to introduce the character of the deceased.