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Kandeloos village

Kandelus only famous for its beautiful nature and greenland general and specific, but a cultural complex Kandelus as the legal justification given to this historic village, which is now Kandeloos village in Mazandaran province has become a tourism hub.
Among the activities that have Kandelus with natural beauty and special effects has caused the village enjoys a great reputation, the establishment of the Museum of Ethnology and the Museum of medicinal plants. Museum Cultural Complex Kandelus a unique museum Mazndranh province where traces of pottery, glass, ceramics, coins, chinaware and lighting of the second millennium BC to the Qajar period and the documents and manuscripts, manuscript of the Holy Quran , poetry, contracts, orders collected. Only 15 minutes walking through the narrow alleys and cobbled village is enough to reach the museum. Of course, like many historic villages like Abyaneh Village houses Kandelus Kashan is so beautiful that would prolong the time you get to the museum

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