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Chogha Zanbil

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Chogha Zanbil in Iran’s southwestern Khuzestan province and the city of Susa is located.

By King Elamite ziggurat “Untash Npyrysha” was built near the river dose “Dvravntash” was called.

In downtown, the great temple for terraced building, which is now two floors of the stands.

The temple, ziggurat, which are two of the great gods Elamite, “Inšušinak” and “Npyrysha” has been awarded.

Ziggurat temple is the largest architectural remains of the Elamite civilization has ever known.

Round Ziggurat the boundary wall was in the vicinity at the northwest side temples to the gods Kryrysha, Ayshnykrb and Hvmban is built.

As well as other temples in the Northeast have been, and set the temples by other fence surrounds been.

Outside of this fence remains of some of the homes in the earth’s surface can be seen. All around the city, the third wall that the entire city bounded had.

During this external enclosure for about four kilometers. On the eastern side of the city and near the fence outside the palaces of the king have been.

Under one of these palaces five tombs underground discovery is probably the royal family owned. On the opposite side of the city and on the northwest side of the fence the tank water is available.