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Taq bostan

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Taq-e Bostan in the native language (Kurdish) VASAN Arch said. Sun is the meaning stone, and the stone arch of Taq-e Bostan means. The complex was built in the third century AD. Sassanid kings prime area around Persepolis chose to shave their statues, but since the king Artaxerxes II and Taq-e Bostan after he was elected to the Silk Road and has lush nature and the probe.

Taq-e Bostan include Kurangun is the coronation of Ardeshir II and two smaller arches Khosrow Parviz Shapour II and III and the larger arch is depicted. Smaller arch on the right and out of the vault carved Sngngarhay shows the coronation of Artaxerxes II.

Greater Arch 5.7 meters wide, 5.6 meters and a height of about 9 meters and a depth smaller arch width 6 meters, a height of approximately 5 meters and a depth of 5.3 meters.