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Ganjalikhani bathroom

گنجعلی 2 گنجعلی 6 میدان-گنجعلی-خان-5

Ganjalikhan set one of the most beautiful and historical sites in Kerman is the most popular. This collection reminiscent of the Safavid ruler of Kerman Ganjalikhan efforts, including: market, Bathroom, field, house, water storage, the mosque is and mint. Bath Ganjalikhan one of the famous and spectacular parts of the collection is its beautiful architecture of the Safavid era’s architectural masterpieces.

The bath was built in 1020 AH various parts of the hall, corridors, dressing room, porch and incubated at which each have their own unique beauty. The bathroom is one of the most beautiful parts of the entrance is a simple brick and indigo to attract the attention of passers Kerman market.

Pictures of Bahram Gur, Khosrow and Shirin, a caravan of camels, kings are hunting predatory animals such beautiful pictures that have turned over in the bathroom role. With the passing of the entrance and the corridor indirectly, a small porch and doorway decorated with pictures of sea birds take new bathroom break. This section of the main spaces of the bathroom Ganjalikhan that by applying the right combination of chaos and Stencils and journalist colorful tiled surfaces, marble, ceilings and lavers assigned with a beautiful fountain has a pleasant atmosphere and special.