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Sheikh Baha’i bathroom

Sheikh Baha’i city’s most famous bath shower, Sheikh Baha’i (d. 1030 AH) in 1025 AD during the reign of Shah Abbas, designed and built. Historical Bath Harounyeh between the mosque and the old market near the monument known as the “door Imam” is located.
Bath architecture nested Sheikh Bahai years as enigmatic world’s inquisitive mind was preoccupied because this amazing secret with him two bathrooms, one being the water bath was heated only with a candle and that the candles are always lit have been.
The famous traditional English when the researcher wanted to know the secret of warming the bath with candles by altering the architecture of the building caused the problem with bath candles and from that time the candles to be activated.
The bath using a complex system engineering has long been lit only by a candle.
About how there are many rumors candles warming the bathroom to help, but the only acceptable theory about the bathroom is that a system restrooms pottery underground piping between the suction method Mosque and the bathrooms have natural gases such as methane and sulfur oxides into the bath guided treasure torch and the torch treasure burnt gases as a source of heat.