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Seyo seh poul (Thirty-three bridges)


Seyo seh poul, one of the most beautiful and interesting bridges over the river was built in the Safavid period

The famous bridge to bridge Allah Vrdykhan, thirty-three springs, Bagh, Julfa and the river. The bridge in the past, “Paul Jolfa” was called (because it was built recently reached Julfa)

To “Allah Vrdykhan” also known as famous commander of Shah Abbas I who was commissioned to build the bridge to the name, was called

Chahar Bagh Abbasi on top of the bridge that connects the past 40 springs, but today it remains more than thirty-three springs and the rest of them have been blocked

Seyo seh poul 295 meters long and 13.75 meters wide and is one of the first works by Shah Abbas I had ordered the building of it

On both sides of the bridge, roofed passage is narrow bridge can be seen throughout. Seyo seh poul has a sidewalk to walk up and down a sidewalk

Walking down the roofed passageway between the central pillars of the bridge and a short distance from the river bed has been created