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Seyalk hill

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The earliest origins of human civilization as the Seyalk Kashan, where urbanization was the first where the Aryans created the first urban civilization.

Aryan civilization lost relatives hills of Seyalk civilization 2,500 years ago that the excavation works are in different classes such as long  containers with ferrous guns and swords and spears of horses and Sun long has been discovered.

Fin Seyalk archaeological site is located in an area of about 7 thousand years old.

Seyalk archaeological site in southwestern side and the right side of the road Kashan Kashan’s Fin and from both southern and northern hill at a distance of 600 meters from each other, with the two cemeteries have been formed.

A cemetery is a cemetery called 3500 years old and is located 200 meters south of South Hill today was built on the Boulevard.

Another cemetery is called the cemetery 3,000 years old and under orchards and farmland located west side of the hills.

Tappeh Seyalk ziggurat in the ancient tribes or place of worship was built of clay and pottery.