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Jomeh mosque

مسجد جامع اصفهان (1) مسجد جامع اصفهان (6) مسجد جامع اصفهان (7)مسجد جامع اصفهان (4)

Jomeh Mosque or Grand Mosque of Isfahan is Iran’s most important and oldest religious buildings. The mosque has a wide historical collection of 170 to 140 meters northeast of and along the old show and today consists of different parts, such as Nizam al-Mulk dome, the dome of the Taj-ul-Mulk, the and  four porches Shbstanha, Mozaffari school each altar Aljayto garlic Islamic architectural art in a particular period are represented.

According to historical evidence, the mosque on the ruins of an older mosque built in the second century AD, the Arabs living in the village of Tehran, Isfahan had been built in Judea.