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naqsh-e-Jahan squar


Before the selection of the Iranian capital, in this place there is a large garden called the world during the year 1021 AH Shah Abbas I of the garden and surrounding area around today’s most famous and greatest Isfahan’s historical monuments which have Frankfurter day, such as Abbasi Mosque (Imam Mosque), Sheikh lotfollah Masque,Ali qapu building and the entrance of Caesarea, created. During jahan squar from north to south over 500 m and a width of about 165 meters. The original size of about 100,000 square meters has to do with changes in the field and added a row of about 20,000 square meters of rooms in the area has been reduced

In the eleventh century AH (seventeenth century), this field is one of the largest squares in the world and in the reign of Shah Abbas and his successors, play polo, army parades, celebrations and different views have been illuminated and location. The stone gate polo, of course, still in the north and south of the remains of its ancient grandeur of the story. Avrpayy famous explorers have visited the field also have to describe the beauty of the field. Unique and exclusive views of the square and its wonders, is astounding

The global role of UNESCO has been registered and is the second largest square in the world