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Historic home Tabatabai

One of the most beautiful and the most spectacular monuments, Kashan Tabatabai’s house, which is located in the neighborhood Sultan Amir Ahmad in Kashan old. The house is considered one of the masterpieces of ancient architecture art intercepted by the late J. Tabatabai (famous brand carpet of the time), was built in 1250 AH. Home Tabatabai monuments like the rest of the time, decorating stately, architectural and design appropriate to the cultural and geographic origin is region-specific. The house had 3 sections: inner, outer and for the crew. Tabatabai historic home of 4,700 square meters with 40 rooms, 4 yards, 4 basement (basement), 3 windward and 2 Qnath field. Tabatabai Home veil of architecture and architectural style, sunken garden, symmetrical and into knots, which is purchased by the Board of Trustees of repair and restoration of historic buildings Kashan Kashan Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Municipality and with the support of Ministry officials and planned mines Home was the first Mvrdmrmt of the national index of the number registered in 1504.