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Fin Garden in Kashan

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King garden or ancient mansion next to the mansion garden Fin Garden Fin Springs is located in Sulaymaniyah. The garden is famous for the murder of Shah Qajar chancellor Amir Kabir Mirza Taqikhani 20 Persian date Dey 1230 solar Finn is in the bathroom.

The original building Fin Garden in pre-Islamic civilization and that civilization Silk Silk is inextricably linked with the Faithful at the top of the current garden, fountain and Sulaimaniya known

Enough time away from the springs at the bottom of the garden there is a little lower than the current garden was caused by the earthquake that occurred in the year 982 AH garden was completely destroyed on the orders of Shah Abbas after the year 1000 AH garden the current location in the old part of the garden was built.

Since 1135 AH prosperity after the attack Afghans turned the garden into recession but Karim Khan Zand ordered especially by building mansions in the name of Karim Khani backyard garden is located on the south side of the building Gzasht.vly Fin Garden with the famous earthquake 1192 lunar garden also see that then the overall damage from the year 1200 with the arrival of the lunar Fath Ali Shah Qajar dynasty, especially with instructions to repair the garden revives the building camel’s throat and bathroom Fath Ali Shah in the southwestern corner of the Royal garden large first bath was built adjacent to the effects of it.