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Citadel Googad

3ارگ گوگد5ارگ گوگد ارگ گوگدارگ گوگد.jpgی ارگ گوگد1Iran after the Bam Citadel is the largest adobe building. Googad second large building mud brick citadel of the history and construction time of about four centuries age.only written document that the building is owned by about 130 years ago shows that half of the building citadel by a man named Khan has been given as a dowry to his wife and then as organ called Alikhani. Googad Citadel  and Golpayegan city of seyalk road in ancient times were the main commercial road. In Golpayegan that in the past minaret 18 meters high flames blazing in the night, he attended a lantern to guide caravans and desert known. Googad citadel was used as an inn in peace time and according to the situation and your position relative to the adjacent caravanserais, the resting place of prominent trade caravan or rulers and governors in other states and even Iran on the basis of statements elderly Googad, Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar in their campaigns for a few days rest in this place Googad Ast.argtarykhy bandits attacked during the war and was used as a military stronghold in the north part as alcove above the entrance door there is now a used special suites and pool in the alcove that every time the door was torched by assailants pond guards the fire with water drainage holes. the high walls that used it as a security system warning this means that the pigeons were settled in this hole It was a night of restlessness and noise were the pigeon noticed the arrival of strikers by hook or a ladder. On the other hand, there is a pit in the southeastern part of the citadel show that drinking water had been thinking for days of resistance. There are two tapper on the door larger and smaller man tapper wife beater. Which, unlike the rest of Iran weman tapper located on the right side there is the building citadel built around an open space in the middle, also showed lower and higher classes of khan architecture that reflects the social class system observance that day to this case, Esther and Astrbanan downstairs and adjacent to each other and merchants and people in the upper class housing index .that these spaces are now after the reconstruction of the hotel with modern amenities such as beautiful suites with bathrooms, restaurant, traditional tea, shop and exhibition crafts, entertainment venues and a plethora of historical sites and used every day and is open to local and foreign tourists flood