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Chehel Sotoon

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Chehel sotoon of a large garden of over 67 thousand square meters in the period of Shah Abbas I (996-1038 AH) has been constructed. In this garden the ” jahan nama garden.” The Shah Abbas Koushki in the form of a pergola built the original building Chehel House is the main hall of the palace stands today and is included in the four corners of it. Later this palace to Dyvankhaneh, seating dedicated staff and court clerks. About half a century later Shah Abbas II decided to turn it into a palace for the reception of foreign guests, in order to develop Palace, Eastern Ivan mirror work and ordered to feast scenes and war paint on its walls. Hall of mirrors and the Hall of eighteen columns and two rooms flanking the northern and southern Hall of mirrors and Ivan hall and a large pond in front of the Kingdom Hall with all the hanging wall and ceiling paintings and mirror work and tile work at the time of Shah Abbas II has been added. Shah Abbas II in 1057 invited the ambassadors of foreign countries and unique this magnificent building opened.