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عالی قاپو2عالی قاپو

عالی قاپو4عالی قاپو3

Aliqapu is the largest palace. It may exist in a palace in the capital of the Safavid era of the best palaces in the world and has all the advantages and disadvantages gone and what is necessary for a royal palace in which there is a great.aliqapu the mansion erected in the West Jahan Square and in front of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque as one of the most famous architectural masterpieces of the early eleventh century AD, is universal. aliqapu date of construction of the monument dates back to 1054 AD and founder of Shah Abbas I, mistakenly .
All entries aliqapu central gateway and palaces that were built during the Safavid period in the range Jahan Square. The emirate, composed of two words that together Qāpū great and means “long Portal” or “high port” are.