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In the middle of Kashan in Isfahan, on the slopes of Mount Vulture, one of the villages and unique Astsayy Iran. Abyaneh historical village that has retained its texture is perfectly alongside names like village, Meymand and the hive history, landscape and cultural heritage intact tourists puts her in sight

.Abyaneh village is strange. Rural stepped up on a hillside and is red. The people of the village still wear their traditional uniforms and Birthdays are usually higher education. Today the village is empty of young people

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One of the wonders of the village, red and ocher soil that separation from the scene used in buildings and so Abyaneh village from a distance as red and green spots can be seen. Red soil villages due to the presence of iron in it

Within walking distance of the village and in the mountains man-made holes can be seen that it is used as a barn for animals and storage. Because the village is full of people downhill holes in their mountains and unnecessary equipment without the worry of theft in which to save it