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Hasht behesht(Eight Paradises)

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This building has a large garden with an area of 5000 square meters Safayy called Nightingale is located in the center of the city. the building tradition in 1080 AH (1669) AD, coinciding with the third anniversary of the reign of King Solomon Safavi came to an end. In the appellation garden paradise Nightingale and building eight stories are numerous.

French traveler Jean Chardin believes that due to its nest in the garden to garden Nightingale Nightingale called.
House in a quiet corner of a small Resorts® made a special mode to the architecture of this building and the golden light of the sun from the Skylights for Daylighting adds to the beauty and majesty.

House historic mansion palace residence last eight heaven example of the kings of the Safavid period.

Mansion built two meters above sea level and has two floors with stairs is designed.
First class rooms in the four corners of the mansion decorations of stucco and painting and set on the second floor of the porch and rooms with Drew window is inlaid work.
Octagonal marble fountain in the middle of the hall is known as the Pearl dock, the dock carved so that water will leak from the spinnerets like pearls