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Fire temple

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Sassanid Zoroastrian fire temple on the top of the mountain at 8 km West of fire and within 2 km after Monarjonban on the north side of the highway to Najaf Abad is located.

Fire temple of Isfahan is one of the three oldest surviving from antiquity and the third piece of the city is great and one of the seven Temple G. Sasanian Iran is at the time.

Temple Hills, is made of sedimentary rocks. Lower than at the height of 1610 meters above sea level (about 50 meters above the level of the center of the city) and above it is located at an altitude of 1715 meters above sea level. The hill is geologically formed in the Cretaceous period.

This whimsical adobe building over 100 meters tall Kvhchh to (relative to the surrounding plains) located in Isfahan Marbin, the first time by the great astronomer Avesta “Jackson Williams” in the early twentieth century, was the focus of scientific study .

Most of Islamic historians such as Ibn Khurdadba and H. Exchequer and Ibn Hvql of this building and named it  The Temple on the Temple had been introduced and foreign scientists also have research and evaluation, including Maxim Siro and Andre Godard French.