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One of the most historic structures among the spiers vacillatory the world-famous city of Isfahan, Isfahan Monarjonban.

Najaf Abad and Esfahan in the six-kilometer road on the right way, building “vacillatory minaret” is that over the tomb of the unknown mystic called “Uncle Abdullah Karladany” is built according to the inscription on the tomb in 716 AH lunar built.

The building with an area of 146 square meters and minarets with a height of seven and a half meters from the roof of one of the monuments of architecture and of course Ilkhan is the height of roof tiles 10 and a half meters.

Under the main arches on each floor of the building to form a cross-shaped decorative tile blue tile turquoise blue on blue is seen as a unique decorative features of the building to be counted.

Tile decorations composed of tiny minarets on the stem body can be seen in combination with bricks, horizontal zigzag shapes reminiscent of mystical concepts that seen in other works of architecture of the period.