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Delgosha Mosque

It delights along the seaside street in the neighborhood of Bandar Abbas and apparently old building was built in 175 AD by Zine El Abidine  Ozzie and about 1354 other than the main part of the  completely rebuilt and expanded . The old building of the mosque, including a 12-yard field  pillared on three fronts in the Middle East and the West, the south and east. So far, the new pillared nave in the middle of the building remained the only notable part of the building. This part of the yard has 12 columns with cylindrical legs and feet column at the top by pointed arches connected to each other and provided context for the establishment of flat bar rag. Stem and base in recent repairs covered with pieces of rock. They had the upper parts of the pillars and hanging . The new building and it lacked originality, especially exterior of history and of art.