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Ancient neighborhood Soro

Written about the history of Bandar Abbas (Gamboron) was found at the port Soro is not mentioned. In some of these writings as a small port on the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf or else as a fishing village on the shore of the port of Hormuz to the Gulf Road, above. What Muslim history, with Soro old port of Hormuz (Tyab Minab), the island of Hormuz, Jeroen, Gamrvn and later tied Bandar Abbas. Archaeological zone Soro and neighborhood Soro old, in the northern neighborhood Soro in the not too distant past groves range were thousands Magi (Palm) and a variety of trees other contains aside, Crete, Mesquite, never, Khrg, popular summer Soro for 3 months the palm groves are kept down. Several coins of different eras from the neighborhood, especially during the Sassanid, Safavid and Qajar to the attempt coming now kept in the museum’s Bandar Abbas. Mshkvfh a tip wide of the coins that the Mint Ormus and other than copper and silver coins, gold coins they were multiplied. In 1925, 64 gold coins minted Ormus and Jeroen Godot was discovered in the villge.