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Qorban Tower

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Qorban tower is the place where one of the great scholars was buried and has been named to the name of one of the guardians of the people. Qorban tower is one of the monuments of seventh and eighth centuries. We go to the neighborhood where Zandi are living; we can see this tower between the four garden of Shahid Madani and Taleghani Avenue adjacent to Ibn Sina high school. The building is composed of a twelve-sided brick towers with brick pyramid-shaped dome of twelve dimension. The length of twelve sides of the tower from outside is more than two meters and from within is a little more than one meter. If we spin around it we see bulkhead that its depth is 15 cm and its width is 23.1 meters. It is not bad before entering learn a little bit about the history of this brick building that is made with mortar. In 19 Jumada Al-Awwal 567, one of the great scholars of the city died at the age of 79 years. A man who about her stature Khaqani Shervani and Movafagh ibn Ahmad Maki have sung poems. One of his famous disciples in the jihad against the Mongols, in the year 618 AH, was martyred with his son. For this, great man was built a tower and he buried in it. But next year during the rebellion of Afghans in the late Safavid period, Qorban contract this place his stronghold and in addition to repel the rebels, has defended from the local residents. For this reason mosque and mausoleum became famous to the name of this great man. We go into the tower. The first thing that attracted our attention is that the building is free of any inscriptions and decorations bed, cases where is abundant in the other tower. In the middle of the tower simple and ordinary gravestone is located with 25.1 length and width of 50 cm that outstanding writing in the six rows carved on it. In the end, is not bad to know that in 1933, during the repairs below the tower discovered basement that all mentioned graves were located there.