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Ganjnameh Scrolls

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Treasure inscriptions in a distance of 5 km West of Hamadan Abbas Abad are located in the lush valley. This unique monument at the beginning of the road that connects the Hamadan to Tuyserkan and West, is located.
A treasure actually consists of two large stone tablets in cuneiform, is that large breasts huge rocky mountain slopes have been carved Alvand. Darius left inscriptions written by a length of 290 and 190 cm height. The inscription on the right that is lower than others, belong to Xerxes (son of Darius) is.
Old Persian inscriptions Ganjnameh each in three languages, Babylonian and Elamite and consists of 20 rows from left to right are written in cuneiform and Persian text is written on the left side of each of the tablets.