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Memorial Mausoleum of Avicenna

آرامگاه-ابوعلی-سینا12 آرامگاه-ابوعلی-سینا6آرامگاه-ابوعلی-سینا13  ابوعلی سینا


Elementary building was built during the Qajar Avicenna tomb and the tomb of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of new recipe of this great scientist, made by the National Association of Iran and Solar opened in 1333.

Early this building solar plan in June 1324 by the National Monuments Council to set up between engineers and graduates of architecture and Andre Godard and Mr. Foroughi, Mr. Houshang Oxus proposal was accepted. 1326 Mid-Year Board decided to implement the plan. The following year Houshang Oxus proposal as a thesis presented to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Paris and the construction of the tomb began early in 1328.

Map Shrine of the oldest building dated Islam in Iran, Gonbad-e Qabus (Golestan Province), which is considered an architectural gem, is drawn. The only apparent difference is in Gonbad-e Qabus The building with 10 left, but left the tomb of Bu-Ali is 12. There are 12 columns represent the 12 disciplines of knowledge that Ibn Sina had surrounded them.

On the occasion of the local situation and the limited space and to save costs Tomb, Tomb of Bu-Ali’s half the size of Gonbad-e Qabus considered. Another difference is that the distance between the two buildings at Bu-Ali opening and open cracks in the dome while building Gonbad-e Qabus from beginning to end (except at the entrance) and the windows do not have any gaps in it such as a cellar, dark and lacks light and brightness. The heavy winds and storms Bazgzardn between the cracks because there has also been Hamadan autumn and winter.

The base of the tower height from the floor to the underside of the tomb under the dome close to 23 meters. Width (width) of 1.17 meters at the bottom and at the top is 92 cm. Conical dome nearly 6 meters high. The height of the main chamber of the tomb of 6/10 and the overall height (from floor to bottom) over 28 meters.

Among the 12 base of the tower, rock solid marble seen that over one meter in length and its width is 2/55 and the third line inscription written on it. This is a significant slate of works on building the magnificent tomb because we have to do to build the tomb, made for this purpose in A large flat stone the breaking point of the Urmia Lake again forced current stone prepare and bring to Hamadan.